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Behind his large and incomplete smile
The gravedigger's waiting
"Bring me home child"
He whispers trembling
As if above me
But i can't stay in here

He loved me once he says
He tells a good story 
And i'll never be sure
He ever told me a lie
As if above me
The leaves were floating

And now i'm doing a headstand on the highway
I introduce my figure of fun
Talking about what gets from the night
On the starting line
With a wing of mine
As if above me
The sky wasn't already burnt

Just next to the gutter 
The flying autumn leaves
What if i felt too much
What if i feel
'Cos now i'm washed away by the tide
An heart failure at the break of day
Wishing to be all eyes
As if above me
Walking alongside
The gravedigger had found his way back
Lost his way home whatever
An exit sign
If ever ?
Did you ever ?

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sig 07/03/2008 20:42

Hey ! Le nouveau lien pour la dernière mise en ligne ne fonctionne pas !

Audrella 05/03/2008 09:37

Ce texte est magnifique. Je n'ai pas les mots.

Blue Jam 28/02/2008 20:55

L'émotion s'immisce à chaque mot, même dans une langue étrangère ton texte nous emmène.Pas facile d'écrire en anglais, cette langue où le rythme est primordial, la gamelle n'est jamais loin. Mais toi, tu files droit.

EL 27/02/2008 17:52

je déménage...

Tietie007 27/02/2008 14:59

Eye in the sky !