return to sender

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Yum yum they're screwing around
Noises are coming through
You'd better not get that hard stuff
That cheap junk in your mouth
You'd better fill up my suitcases
With high boiling poetry
Cos an other sleepless night is turning
And i give in i give up i give in

And i'm listening now
I'm very close to the speakers
All is so weirdly parasitized
Shut the fuck a man is saying
An other one tells he's stucked in a reversed world
And people ask and people claim 
Pretending i'm searching for a poem to disgorge
But i'm not 
Speak louder
For i'm listening now

Good news 
No way no way
My piteous sedatives are burning
And i'm feeling right
Cos it's the last chance
You'll never reach the tune again
No one will

The procession is chanting
We're all gonna die
You'd better delight yourself
As i grow sick and i grow mad
Everyone is calling
Kids and voyeurs and stowaways
They all seem to know
Seems you don't
I hold the barbiturates in my head
And i try euphoria again
(i reach the air pump)

Breathe in breathe in
Everyone is saying
They all look so assured
And i hold on
But it slides down my rhyme scheme

She freaks out on lights
For there's no light inside
She's a light addict
Don't kid yourself a thin man is talking
He's a real tear jerker
Although i saw him in some Hawks movie
And he says your funeral comes closer
(in two seasons)
He's so confident and so heroic
And he has no mercy

Breathe in breathe in
Clap trap again

100 sheets of white paper
No less than 2 guitar strings
It makes delirious noises
(the same crap on TV)
I call the window cleaner
And i sleep off
That's how i know
That's how i become a prayer wheel
That's how i damn myself
Where is the game to play ?

A woman stopped loving his murderer
The day she died (such a day)
The thin western man left me
Beneath the sky
The ghost town is so desperately glaring
Lime blossoms and green everywhere
Each day is not as new as it seems to be

Breathe in breathe in
Your voice again
The sweetest and blankest

I'm reaching the highest place
I'm searching for monsters in the clouds
But all i find is a green-eyed face
And i wonder if the face is yours
Or if it's some kind of revival
Under the light and smelly rain
And the well known speaker
He does it again

Breathe in breathe in
(forgotten frequency)

I dedicate it to the aching hearted girl
Who struck me down the other day
Things are not staying the same
I can't stay that high
Without calling round
1 2 3 4 5
I'm looking upwards
And i'll fall all alone
Won't i ?

Breeze on the gravity waves
Sputterings and unsaid things
(deep breathing)

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L. Eliot 05/05/2008 18:58

retour pénible à Bruxelles, et puis Tournai. et demain, deuxième tentative de rejoindre Berlin. Fuir, fuir ! en attendant d'incertains papiers pour le nouveau monde.

oliv kronsilds 19/03/2008 19:26

Listen to that free jazz.

Audrella 18/03/2008 15:51

mon dieu ! c'est si beau ! j'adore ce poème !

dick shaver 15/03/2008 18:54

pas venu depuis longtemps... le titre est-il en rapport avec Elvis ??? c'est ma chanson préférée de lui...perplexe devant ce texte, mais la perplexité est une invitation à aller plus avant.

sig 14/03/2008 20:14

Je n'écris pas, je lis !