waste water (after the river came)

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I don’t forget (the breath of god as deep as my invaded eyes)

I lost my mind (i realize that you have not the most infinite face in Time)
It’s just my heart hurting (white and red are the colors of the bell crushed inside)
The road i believed in (and prayers of farewell, that’s where i slept last night)
Before i saw the ground (I’ll return now and then until i touch the sky)
They can wash me with their lies (I’m pretty sure they did)
And keep on looking (walking on the wrong side indeed)
For trouble if they find (Mothers at funerals and roses on the graves)
No one will say (we’re all so lonely babe)
The lyrics are faking (a million tongues are singing)
Got my blue heaven down (revolving in the sea)

And Heartache (endlessly)
I swear i was 17 when i fell in (it’s coming to an end, at least it should be)
It is the waste water of immortality
Let the call be made and mad i must be (i’m carrying my suitcase up to Letterkenny)
Heartache (in vibrating bodies the hurricane begins)
Without dreaming of life

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Gobi 10/11/2008 18:23

Le désert est infini il me semble. C'est plutôt périlleux de creuser autant son obsession. En tout cas, je ne décroche pas. Celui-ci, celle-ci, dans le sable, l'eau ne coule pas.