the stand ins

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Pull down the shades, let's kill the morning
Let's kill the morning, let it die
Well, your eyes flash out a warning
There will be another morning, afternoon and tonight 
Fuck long hours sick with singing 
Sick with singing the same song 
In the bars, they'll soon be drinking 
Let's cash my check and drink along 
Old times, hello, hey, I've missed you 
Old life, hey now, let me in 
Because you win on every issue 
Now, can I kiss you? 
Don't you care how long it's been?
It has been so many years, I lived my yearning 
But in every bed, it led me through 
They only blew on what was burning 
And it grew, the fire grew 
And now with nothing to consume 
It's turned on me in my glass room 
Where I'll burn, you think I'm finished 
Think I'm not winning 
Well, go on, assume 
So, take me, I'm yours, morning starship 
Sparkling stars line your lights as they lift off the loneliest street corner this clown has yet leaned against 
I'll let all these fine faces fold into me 
The warmth from the space-lights illumines the sea as the laughingest mouths wetly open, for we set them sighing 
We'll take them flying 
And we'll take this man left almost passed out 
Cause we're pretty sure he needs a hand 
He says he can't stand 
And when we pick him up 
He asks us where this ship will land 
But he knows we know it isn't coming down 
He knows we know we'll fly so far 
Til finally stars hold him in all around 
Til he forgets the ground 
Til he forgets the crawling way real people sometimes are

Will Sheff / Bruce Wayne Campbell interviewed on the roof of the Chelsea Hotel, 1979

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