second offense

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Pour Eliot

The lights go down
Very high on my prefabs
I'm standing cured, my prude
Ready for the peak time
Nothing comes from heaven
You told me last night
Pointing your third finger where the sky should have been
Throat full of cutting strokes
It may have hurt you
This moment of truth
In the fullness of time

Will you take the next train
And get in the state of nature
Armed with my corrosive memories
Picking one and another as you please
Wandering here and there ?
Or will you go on behind me
Whispering a tumbling wish
Before i lie, my prude ?
It might really hurt you
This moment of truth
In the fullness of time

When i deeply searched you
In the dark of night
Trespassing your museum
Begging for your vanishing expectations
Why weren't you there, my prude
Letting love in
Crystallising the minute hand ?
Did it hurt you when i swallowed up in tears
Shouting out your name
So long ago
In the fullness of time ?

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Marcel 02/08/2007 23:44

Léon ?

L.Eliot 23/07/2007 13:20

Putain !attends, je reviens plus tard pour commenter ça, je suis pas prêt là. je vais chercher une autre tête et d'autres poumons... Promis, i won't "useful myself of a translator", hope it will be "less large all the same"...à plus tard,...

Audrella 23/07/2007 10:20

Suffer me well...

I 21/07/2007 13:38

Less large all the same ???
Tom Waits : j'aime...
ancien amour ???

Léon 21/07/2007 11:28

I do not speak English  I was useful myself of a translator  – sacrilege! Yes, I agree on it…  Less large all the same than that to be able to read you. thank you