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they went down the world
when i fell asleep in a nihilistic dimension
it was a great deal
and it was happening
the worst breeding on my lips
then turning with delicacy
i feel so close to that absolution
can't complain about
i'm not trying to stay awake
beneath my scattered star
with some guy squatting by the river
waiting for something that would come

i'm a pass holder
entering the room where nothing happens
and bringing an end to it
the losers and the winners
are the real men
the good ones
i'll pay my tribute in a short while
and any time
after the requiem mass
no matter what can be
and which pieces are missing
it was a pleasure to be here
from the beginning
a little further down the track

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L. Eliot 18/05/2007 00:46

bien sûr, je fonds... right place, right time

Audrella 16/05/2007 19:07

mais mon dieu Lunar... dis moi tout ! your words are singing here... I feel so closed to you... cher Lunar

Cohen 16/05/2007 18:17

I've seen the future brother:
It is murder

Don Jerry Can 16/05/2007 17:01

Dommage je ne parle pas anglais, dommage aussi pour la manif nous nous serions rencontrés ... suis en Dordogne… amitié.

Eric LOW 16/05/2007 09:30

ta poésie est plus percutante encore en anglais (cela tient aux sonorités dures du vocabulaire choisi)salut CE